What We Do

Be A Great You, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, began with a focus on improving the lives of young black and brown children in Philadelphia's urban communities.


This organization seeks to inspire children in Philadelphia's urban communities to strive for greatness and exceed the world's expectations. We focus on developing life skills as well as social, professional and character development of children and their families.


"Many are called but few are chosen. We must continue to do the work."

— Malika Rahman, Founder



  • Successfully implemented "Push For Peace" day in the City Of Philadelphia.
  • Provided over 70 young men with dress shirts and ties in preparation for their professional lives.
  • Established mentorship relationships for program participants.
  • Successfully partnered with community stakeholders to advocate for safe environments throughout the city.
  • Aided in developing a positive relationship with law enforcement and youth to decrease fear and promote safety.